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Live a More Vibrant Life!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021


Welcome to Vibrant Life's Blog Post #1. My name is Shannon Gale, and I can't wait to share with you all of the information and experience I have in helping people to live more vibrant lives.

Just as I was sitting down at my computer to start writing, I received a delivery of my latest order from Mountain Rose Herbs...and when I turned on my computer, I had an email from Mountain Rose Herbs welcoming me as a new member of their Affiliate team. More about that later, but clearly, the stars are aligned, and the timing is right for me to start giving you the information so many of you have asked for.

About Me and This Blog

I live in the sweet little town of Frankfort, Kentucky. We are the capital city of the commonwealth, so cool things happen here--but we still enjoy a small-town vibe and tight-knit community. Also, the countryside surrounding our little town is just beautiful. It is a wonderful place to live, grow food, relax, have fun, and raise a family.

In 2012, with the help of countless friends and relatives, I opened up a holistic healing center in a big, pretty, historic building in downtown Frankfort. I'll always remember early in 2012 sitting right down on the sidewalk on Main Street with my dear friend Melissa, still talking about our dreams for the center after a business planning meeting had ended. She said, "We

all just want to help the people in our community live more vibrant lives!"

Thus, the name of the center was born, and we have been helping people ever since. This blog is an extension of that effort, especially as I personally don't get to be inside the building as often as I'd like while I am busy raising my little boy and teaching at his school, which I began in 2018: The Circle Play & Learn Academy.

Mountain Rose Herbs

I have been recommending Mountain Rose Herbs products to family, friends, and customers for so many years, I am really proud to be part of their team now! The order I got today was just for some of my usual pantry staples, so let me tell you about them!

It is challenging to find good extra virgin olive oil that is organic and pure. Labelling laws are incomplete and largely unenforced. Many years ago, I tried using something that was labelled as extra-virgin olive oil--I put it on my skin, and my skin broke out! I have heard of this happening to friends and family members as well. Learn more about the problems with olive oil labelling here.

Fortunately, I can always trust Mountain Rose Herbs. Their olive oil is divine. I use it for Oil Cleansing my face, Ayurvedic Abhyanga self-massage, moisturizing all of my body, oil pulling, and of course, I love to eat it! I'll tell you more about all of these techniques and recipes in upcoming blog posts ;)

I also love the organic spices from Mountain Rose Herbs. They are delicious, rich in flavor, full of good-for-you components and missing the bad-for-you ingredients, and wonderfully inexpensive!

After many years of searching for the best spice jars, Mountain Rose has finally created these! They're very affordable, but with times being as they are, I am taking my time with my budget and slowly replacing the jars I have, sometimes with empty jars and sometimes with the spices already in them. I will keep these jars, knowing that Mountain Rose sells all of the spices in bulk at such incredibly low prices, I'll refill the jars from the bulk sizes.

The spices I got in this order were cumin, clove, and parsley.

Tonight, I'll use some of the cumin in an enchilada pie recipe for my family. I know from experience that Mountain Rose cumin is deliciously flavorful. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Enchilada Pie

I got this recipe from my wonderful friend, Kiersten, and although I've altered the recipe just a bit, it warms my heart to think of her whenever I make it. I expect you'll enjoy it, too!


1 lb hamburger (I got mine from local farmer and friend, Brenneman and Bucks)

1 onion chopped (most of my veggies come from local farmer and friend, Hazelfield Farm)

1/2 red bell pepper diced

1 tblsp cumin

1 tsp chili powder

Salt and pepper to taste

16oz can tomato sauce

Sliced olives

Corn tortillas

Shredded cheese

Sauté onions. Add hamburger and brown until cooked through. Add peppers and cook until slightly softened. Add spices and cook to combine flavors. Add tomato sauce and olives. Cook until bubbling.

Spread a 1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil (such as organic grape seed oil) in the bottom of a small casserole dish. Layer corn tortillas, then meat mixture, and then grated cheese in repeating layers until all of the meat mixture is used. Cheese should be your top layer.

Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes until tortillas are softened and cheese is bubbly.

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