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Healing Services

Our Practitioners

Colleen has dedicated herself to learning the depth and breadth of this most ancient holistic medicine, and with it, she has come to embody a soothing peacefulness. Following a thorough series of assessments, Colleen will make recommendations tailored to fit your very needs--using food, lifestyle, ancient healing treatments, meditation, and more to lead you to your own personal greatest depth of peace, health, and well-being. She also offers Shirodhara “Bliss” Therapy.

Reiki and Crystal Healing with Donna Schartung

Donna has a well-educated scientist’s mind along with a concerned heart that drive her to be of service to others. Using the divine energies of Reiki in hands-on treatment, as well as Crystal Healing (using the vibrations of the stones to transform negative energies), sacred prayer, and Grounding, she will ease you into a relaxed state and bring you whatever healing of mind, body, spirit, and emotion is to your highest benefit.

Reiki Classes and Akashic Record Consults with Shawchyi Vorisek

Shawchyi is as powerful as a fire drago­n and as conscientious as a knight. With the help of the powerful guardians of the Akashic Records, Designers of Energy, Ascended Masters, and Dream Weavers she will shed light on your soul's path and give you the perfect direction you need.  Shawchyi is also trained in CranioSacral Therapy, multiple forms of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sacred Geometry, Guided Meditation, and many other healing modalities. She is available to teach Reiki Workshops in groups as well as individually.

Spirit Guide Sessions with Shannon Gale

Shannon is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher and has developed intuitive gifts and an alliance with the realm of Spirit. Whatever challenge you are facing now, she will help you discover clarity and inspiration. With compassion and love, and with guidance from Guardian Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides, she will help you find your next step toward soul-deep happiness.

Yoga Bodywork and Bars with Leslie Laird

Leslie stands quietly and firmly in her own power and gently brings healing energy with no doubt or wavering. As an instructor of Lionflow Yoga and the owner of Yoga 411 in the McClure Building down the block, Leslie has an advanced knowledge of the body and the energy body, as well as of clearing the mind. Her calm, pleasant presence persistently supports and guides you to achieve your own healing.

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