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Empowering Education

Classes, Gatherings, and Events


We hold daily and monthly free events for the community.  We also periodically offer workshops for personal and spiritual growth including Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Guided Meditation Workshops.  Make sure to sign up for updates or like us on Facebook to keep up to date on our events! 

Stone Consultations
Need help picking out a stone?  Let our volunteer shopkeepers help! You are also welcome to consult our in-store resource books and signs for information about crystal healing and feng shui. For more in-depth help, book a session with Donna Schartung!


Mandala Coloring
Step into Vibrant Life's serene atmosphere, and you will instantly be soothed. Take a few minutes to enjoy coloring a mandala, and you will feel lighter.  Mandalas are considered to be representations of the Universe, and they help us to focus our attention for meditation and to establish a spiritual space.


Tea Leaf Reading Guidance
Drink a relaxing cup of tea with friends, as our shopkeepers teach you how to discover the answers that the tea leaves offer to your questions. As always, herb tea is complementary at Vibrant Life, and the atmosphere is serene. Tea Reading is not only a fun tool for making decisions, it will help you develop your intuition and self-confidence.



Reiki Share

Monthly Reiki Share

Open to all Reiki practitioners and anyone who has had a Reiki class.  This is an opportunity for students and practitioners to share their Reiki knowledge and skills and receive Reiki energy healing by taking turns giving and receiving. These will be offered remotely with dates and times to be announced via our facebook page and newsletters.



Reiki Workshops

We do not have any currently scheduled but if you or someone you know would like to learn Reiki, we'd be happy to set up a class for you; just send us an email request.  We also offer individual Reiki classes that can cater to your specific needs.  To sign up for an individual class, go to the Book Online page..


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