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Healing Services

We offer Body Work, Energy Work, and Mind/Spirit Work
in private sessions in a comforting atmosphere.

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New Service Offering:
For a limited time get Health Coaching Sessions with Beth Ruggles for just $10/hour!
Join Beth Ruggles for a journey to true wellness! Being Truly Well is more than just eating well. It’s about balancing every area of your life so you feel happy, energetic, and satisfied. Do you love to exercise? If not, maybe we need to find the right moves that you and your body crave. Are you giving yourself the love you deserve? It’s hard to love life when you don’t love yourself! Sometimes all we need to find balance is to have someone there to lead us in the right direction. That’s where Beth comes in!
Health coaching is exactly what it sounds like–someone on the sidelines cheering for you and making suggestions for better health. A Health Coach fills the gap between you and your physician, giving you the time and accessibility you deserve to discuss nutrition and well being. Working with a health coach provides the accountability you need to stay on track and keep sight of your wellness goals.  Beth will help you identify the things in your life that are working well (celebration!) and the things that need to be tweaked to get your True Wellness on!
Any number of Health Coaching Sessions will be beneficial to a client, but Beth recommends, if possible, two sessions per month for 5 months. The first session is mostly devoted to allowing Beth to understand your in-depth Health History plus giving you a few small steps to start improving your life while she carefully considers a detailed health plan to begin with your second session. After a few sessions, she will offer a complimentary grocery store tour and/or pantry remake.
Beth Ruggles is a "retired" veterinarian, wife, and mother of 2 teenagers. Beth's personal struggles with fibromyalgia, weight management, and her daughter's early puberty have led her to discover her beautiful path to health and wellness. Her passion is educating others about health! 

Body Work

$12/30 minutes
Via two electrode patches placed either on the soles of your feet or on body parts where you are experiencing pain, inflammation, or stiffness, you will be connected to the Earth’s electric field so that your body can receive the free electrons it needs for healing. Additionally, stones with grounding properties and, if desired, a relaxing video or sound recording will be used to enhance your body’s ability to make use of the nurturing power of the Earth.
Energetic CranioSacral Therapy 
Our practitioner is a student of Visionary CranioSacral TherapyTM and will combine these techniques with Reiki during a session. CST is a very gentle hands-on therapy that encourages the release of tension in the membranes and fluids surrounding the nervous system, thus allowing the skeletal system to come into alignment. Combined with Reiki, a session can help alleviate pain, stress, and even depression.  
Thai Body Work

A tradition from Thailand, Thai Body Work combines assisted yoga with acupressure to relax your muscles.
Foot Reflexology
$30/30 minutes 

Acupressure is applied to reflex points on the feet that correspond to various parts of the body. Reflexology is relaxing and promotes health throughout the body.
Private Yoga Lesson
$15/30 minutes, $30/60 minutes

Your instructor will tailor your yoga practice to your needs in a private, calm environment with personalized help.
Essential Oils for Wellness Consultation
$30/30 minutes or $60/hour Plus cost of any oil blend created for you

Essential oils can be used to improve your mood and your health, to disinfect your home, and to promote beautiful skin. Our practitioner will speak with you about what you would like to accomplish with essential oils. Taking into consideration your background and any allergies, she will prepare a customized blend for you, accompanied by a written self-help protocol with application suggestions. 
Energy Work

 Reiki is a gentle technique that can reduce stress and promote relaxation and healing. A Reiki treatment is administered by “laying on hands” and allowing universal energy to flow into the client through the practitioner. Reiki can treat your body, emotions, mind, and spirit, bringing you feelings of peace, security, and well-being. 
Infant Reiki
$25/25 minutes

Reiki is gentle and safe for babies.
Crystal Healing

Every stone or crystal possesses a unique vibration or energy, and many are extremely useful in healing. By placing a stone on one’s chakra or within one’s aura, the vibrations of the stone can aid in transforming negative energies within a person.  During a session, the practitioner may utilize various techniques, such as laying on stones, crystal gridding, and crystal “surgery” to bring about positive change.
Chakra Balancing and Aura Clearing
$30/30 minutes

The practitioner will help to clear your aura and balance your chakras through the use of Reiki, crystals, and other techniques for a quick and soothing energy boost.
$30/30 minutes

While you rest, your practitioner will touch and hold, in succession, 32 points on your head that correspond to points in the brain where considerations reside related to topics such as money, creativity, body, kindness, and control. This process immediately begins to change your perceptions; to remove completely any old, no-longer-beneficial ways of thinking and solving problems; and to allow a new, fresh path to take hold in your consciousness.
Customized Healing
$90 for 90 minutes
$60 for 60 minutes

Sometimes longer sessions and multiple modalities are needed to get to the root of an issue. Your practitioner will customize treatment to your needs and may incorporate Akashic Records, CranioSacral Therapy, multiple forms of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Light Language, Guided Meditation, and much more into your session. 
Clear Light Energy Healing

Clear Light Healing is a direct transmission from Christ through the healer and received wherever it is most needed. It can bring relief to the physical body, and emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as well, adapting to whatever is required.

Mind and Spirit Work

Akashic Record Consultation
$30/30 minutes or $45/45 minutes or $60/1 hour 

The Akashic Records are a journal of your soul's journey since you left source, a record of everything that has ever happened to you. An AR consultation can be especially useful when you need clarity and direction in your life.
Guided Meditation for Transformation
$60/60 minutes 

After a brief consultation, your practitioner will choose a visioning script or will intuitively design one just for you. You will sit with your eyes closed and listen as your practitioner talks you through a meditation to achieve your goal.
Personalized Ceremony Creation
$30/30 minutes 

Initial consultation &/or short ceremony during one 30- minute session. Rates for more involved/longer ceremonies and officiating are variable.
Personalized Light Language Grids with the Akashic Records
$30 (Personal Grid) or $45 (Advanced Grid)

Light Language is an ancient Mayan system using sacred geometry and colored light for transformation. With guidance from the Akashic Records, your practitioner will
create a Personal Grid to help attune your chakras to your life’s purpose or an Advanced Grid to help with life events and situations, such as creating more health, harmony, or prosperity in your life. 
Personalized Astrology Scheduling Reading
$30/30 minutes

The position of the moon and stars can give insight into your luckiest and unluckiest days and the best times for various kinds of activities so that you can select the optimal schedule for anything in your life.
Career Counseling and Resume Writing
Get expert advice on choosing the right career for you, finding the right job for you, presenting yourself in your best light on your resume, interviewing well, and all of the details associated with finding career happiness.
Room Rental
Gathering Room $15/hour
Dance Studio Room $25/hour
Healing Room $10/hour
Education Room $10/hour
Meditation Room Free
These rental rates apply to non-income producing uses. Please enquire for all other uses.



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